Over the Hill Party Recipes

Any type of party needs the appropriate food to be successful, but the eats are even more critical to an Over the Hill party. Not only must the food be plentiful and delicious, it must contribute to the overall theme. And that theme, of course, is that the guest of honor is so ancient that his presence above ground is an absolute miracle.

Luckily, the interwebs are full of useful information to make your Over the Hill party work. Of course there’s this very site, where you’ll find recipes for:

Over the Hill Party Snacks and Appetizers
Over the Hill Party Drinks
Over the Hill Party Main Courses and Side Dishes

But don’t stop there. Be sure to visit other websites that will complete the Over the Hill party experience:

Over the HIll.com
Over the Hill Party Ideas.com
Over the Hill Cake Ideas.com
Over the Hill Party Invitations.com

Each site is filled with practical information and even downloadable files that you can use for your party.

5 Over the Hill Party Food Hints

1. Use a clever Over the Hill-type name for every food and drink you are serving. We got you started but, for other foods, let your imagination run wild with names referring to baldness, fiber, dentures, adult diapers and every other old age indignity that applies to your guest of honor. Post a menu with all your great names.


2. Serve the guest of honor with a food tray, just like they use at The Home.

3. Use a blender to reduce foods to a smooth consistency that your guest of honor’s worn-out digestive system can handle.

4. Does your guest of honor require the use of a Butt Buddy enema bag to make room for the delicious treats you are serving? Of course he does.

5. Use only official Over the Hill napkins, paper plates, table cloths, cups, etc. for your party. Anything else is lame.

Where to Buy

Every smart Over the Hill party planner knows when to bring in the professionals – at the very beginning of the process. Over the Hill party decorations, supplies, ideas and gag gifts will make your event a hit, and they are all available at Over the Hill.com.

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